This site is dedicated to giving people information on all the many different treatments and causes of hair loss. There’s no pseudo science here. Just facts. Our goal is to have every genuine visitor to this site leave with a better understanding of hair loss and treating it with realistic expectations.
There are many different reasons for hair loss. Your hair loss could be caused by vitamin deficiencies, genetics, presription drugs, illegal drugs, foods, food additives, diseases, bad grooming habits, etc. etc. There are also many different ways of dealing with the issue. You can use, lazer treatments, oral treatments, topical treatments, unrpoven treatments, etc. etc. Some of those treatments are even known to cause serious and permanent side effects.
There are over a 1000 different products claiming to treat or prevent hair loss. Only 10 out of those 1000 were able to beat placebo results in clinical trials and gain FDA Approval. All 10 of the the treatments approved by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss used the same ingredient, but some were 3 times more expensive than others.