4 Minerals You Need For Healthy Hair

People often write me asking about different vitamins and minerals that they can consume to avoid hair loss troubles. So I decided to create this quick list of nutrients that should help you prevent hair loss in the future. Of course, I can’t guarantee that this will work but, this is a very good start for optimal health and healthy hair.

1. Trace Mineral Silica

Silica is one of the main minerals that you need when it comes to healthy hair growth and getting the nutrients you need for hair loss. Most American diets are deficient in this one mineral. Supplementing your diet with silica alone will probably help you more than any other vitamin or mineral.

It’s very difficult to get the silica you need because many vitamin supplements aren’t absorbable and cooking often removes the silica from the food you eat. Good sources of silica are millet, whole wheat, oats and barley.

2. Iodine

You must have iodine for healthy hair. Iodine is extremely important when it comes to stopping hair loss but, you need a certain type of iodine for preventing hair loss. Your generic table salt won’t cut it as a source of iodine. That type of iodine could easily cause you to overdose. Getting too much iodine is actually a cause of hair loss.

So stay away from iodized salt and and start getting your iodine from food sources. These include kelp, yogurt (low fat), cow’s milk, boiled eggs, strawberries and Mozzarella cheese.

So you should avoid iodized salt and start getting your iodine from kelp, yogurt, strawberries, Cow’s milk, and boiled eggs.

3. Zinc

You need zinc for healthy hair growth but, getting too much zinc actually blocks exertion of other minerals. So it’s best to get your zinc from food sources like lima beans, chickpeas, raw cashews, and almonds.

4. Iron

Iron is another important mineral that works to help you keep a full head of hair.

Make sure you get all of your iron from food sources, don’t bother with taking iron supplements. Lean red meat, oysters, tuna, dried beans, Brazil nuts, and asparagus are good sources of iron.

Part 2: 4 Vitamins You Need For Healthy Hair

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  • J. Gunn

    To disagree with the writer, zinc does not cause oily hair. If your scalp is oily, zinc is used to decrease the oils /sebum. If your scalp is dry, you do not need additional zinc. Also, you suggest that by keeping scalp oily, you avoid dandruff. Dandruff is caused from excess oil/sebum. Dandruff is not the white, flaky stuff on your scalp due to dry skin. Dandruff is actually large, oily, yellowish chunks that come from excess sebum on the scalp, which blocks your hair follicles.

  • tayaba

    sir i m totally upset n disappointed…please help me with my hair loss…i need to know how to help myself…

  • Chandni

    I m suffering heavy hair fall since we shifted to dubai last 1 month.i hv 4 mnth baby and she is totally on breast feed..somebody saiys its because of delievery.please tell me what should i do to stop hair loss…
    Thank you..

  • Alyssa

    please help me with my hair fall… i’m just 16 years old… is it normal for someone like me..? i can’t say that it’s hereditary ’cause both my parents aren’t suffering from hair loss… it’s actually recent, like it started 1 week ago… i always put my hair in ponytails… should i stop it…? although i eat good foods like wheat, milk and meats my hair fall still won’t stop… what should i do?!! pleeease help!!!

  • please help me to prevent my hair fall…

  • sasmita samal

    m suffering from heavy loss.please suggest me..

  • usha rani

    please help me for my hairloss problem give me a immediate treatment for new hair growth pls

  • usha rani

    i was totally upset because of my hairloss i donot know a solution to manage please help me immediately please

  • Reena

    m sufferin from hair los…please suggest me a remedy

  • JC

    I tried NISIM shampoo for a year. It helped stop hair loss. Then I switched to Your Crown and Glory and my hair is growing back like mad. I also take Beta-Sitosterol and Nioxin for supplements. I do not own or work for any companies that sell this stuff, it just works for me. I buy it all from Amazon except for the Crown and Glory, which I get from a local health store. It is available on Amazon as well.

  • zennis

    m facing hair loss & also my hair is very dull m using hair colour since 6 years plz help me n suggest me to grow my hair healthy n strong

  • heena

    im lossing my hair help me to sort it out?

  • javid ahnad rather

    my hair was lost four years plese give me suggestion to preveent it.

  • Carol Preece

    Please help me wth my hair loss. I need to kmow how to help myself in what to take.
    Thank you very much

  • Paula

    To Janie – try a silk or slippery pillow case. That should help quite a bit if you are currently using cotton or a tough fabric that can ‘grab’ the hair.

  • Kindly help me as m faceng Hair loss ……
    Pls do suggest me regardng this…….

    thnk u vry much
    with Regard

  • janie jenkins

    My hair is so weak it literally falls out on the pillow if I shift my head to much at night, Generally, in the morning the pillow has a lot of hair left on it. Will an Idoine and Zinc supplements help?

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