5 Bad Habits That Contribute To Hair Loss

I get a lot of e-mails from people claiming that FDA approved drugs like minoxidil and finasteride are ineffective at treating hair loss. No hair loss treatment will work if you continue to practice the bad habits that contribute to hair loss.

Check out the list below to determine what might be contributing to your hair loss and causing these hair loss fighting drugs to be ineffective for you.

1. Eating large amounts of processed foods

Processed foods don’t have the nutrients you need to maintain normal hair growth cycles. Even with whole foods, you lose a lot of the vitamins and minerals when you microwave or cook foods (especially vegetables).

The easiest way to get absorbable vitamins and minerals is by eating raw vegetables. Eating raw or steamed vegetables is your best bet. Vitamin and mineral supplements aren’t as absorbable as eating raw vegetables but, they might be a good alternative if you don’t have any other option.

2. Sodas And Other Soft Drinks

The sodas and other soft drinks are often filled with sugar and other unhealthy additives that could potentially cause you hair loss problems.

Even those so called healthy diet drinks often have too much sugar. Most people would be shocked to know the average diet soda has the equivalent of 10 cubes of sugar. The regular sodas often have considerably more sugar and other sweeteners.

They’re talking about your normal serving of soda having 10 cubes of sugar in it. The normal serving would be about 12 ounces. They aren’t talking about the 32 ounce super-sized drink that you would normally buy at 711 or a fast food restaurant.

3. Eating too much sugar and other sweeteners

Like we mentioned earlier, there is often a large amount of sugar in the foods and drinks that we eat on a daily basis. The average person consumes 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. The average teenager consumes 34 teaspoons each day.

This new diabetes diet fad not only helps the pack on pounds but, it also helps to cause hair growth problems.

Sugar can actually deplete the body of vitamins and raise adrenal levels. The high adrenal levels cause your system to create more androgen and cause androgenic alopecia.

4. Consuming too much salt

Plain old salt has also been linked to hair growth problems. Sea salt is a very convenient alternative. You can basically replace table salt with sea salt in almost every recipe.

5. Eating Too Much Saturated Fat

You should avoid foods with saturated fat because it could cause increased DHT levels. You should limit the amount of saturated fat you consume while taking DHT blockers like Propecia.

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  • i need a solution for hair regrowth plz help me . im 23 year old.

  • muhammad sajjad

    i m 20 year old but i had lose my hair so pls help me for my hair the
    remaining hairs is not healthy. pls send me soulution for this thanks

  • Rehman nawaz

    Hi I almost lost my all hair in middle of the head their is few hairs but not active look likes dead what I have to do for this

  • uday

    i am uday age 26 solved a hair loss //////

  • gargi

    u can use heena and castor oil for preventing hair loss.

    make a hair pack of heena, raw egg, tea licker, curd, china rose paste and a tea spoon of lemon juice. mix all the ingredients thoroughly and keep it in an iron bowl over night. apply it on your scalp in the morning. keep it for 2 to 3 hours and wash it with a mild shampoo if necessary.
    that will check hair fall

    massage your scalp with castor oil at night and go to sleep. next morning, wash it with a mild shampoo.

    these methods can reduce hair fall to a great extent

    and also take lots amount of water. and maintain a healthy diet.

  • i m 16 years old and i loosing my hear day by day with high capacity plzzzzz help me i willl die

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