Advecia Issues

If you don’t want to suffer from any side effects and have fuller thicker hair then this is probably your best bet. If you were to suffer from side effects from any of these particular ingredients I would think it would probably be saw palmetto. That is the one ingredient that is most likely to cause you to experience side effects. However, they have it in such a small amount that you probably won’t experience any side effects at that particular dosage amount. Adevcia just has 37.5 mg.

What struck me about this particular product is that they offer a two-year guarantee. That means that if you really don’t like the product or it hasn’t worked well for you then you can get your money back any time. That is something that is shocking to me because at any point in two-years you can come back and ask for your money back.

The best money back guarantee I have seen before this one is six months. It doesn’t even seem logical to give a two year money back guarantee because someone who has benefited from using the product that whole time wouldn’t ask for a refund after two years. The product should start working within three months.

Anyone who is willing to give you a guarantee like that has absolute confidence in their product.

In Conclusion

If you are suffering from thinning hair I think you should give Advecia a try. You will not get a better group of ingredients nor will you get a better guarantee. There is no way you can lose out on this one. Also I think that it is one of the best formulas for dealing with thin hair. I’ve seen people who still had some hair loss look like they had a full head of hair because the hair was just a lot thicker due to supplementation.