How To Use Profollica

You are actually supposed to use the topical solution in Profollica in a certain order. You have to start with the shampoo then use a gel. The reason why they do this is because your scalp needs to be clean and clear of fungus before you put on the gel which gives you the nutrients. If your scalp still has debris or fungus it could potentially block the nutrition you need for the scalp. That would mean that the treatment would not work properly. So that is something to consider.

The Profollica shampoo helps to get rid of the excess sebum off of your scalp. The ingredients in the shampoo are specifically created to help clean the scalp to help with the absorption of the nutrients in the gel. The gel itself actually helps to inhibit the production of DHT. DHT is what usually causes male pattern hair loss. This is what actually causes hair thinning.

There are some theories that hair loss is caused by a lack of blood flow. Instead of trying to block DHT the focus is on getting rid of fungus and increasing blood flow to your scalp. Profollica actually covers this as well because some of the ingredients are actually anti-fungal. So just know that Profollica is covering all angles.

The pill formula is something that can be taken at any time. Before or after the application of the topical solution. The ingredients in the pill also work to help block DHT and it also has vitamins that help to promote hair growth.

So in conclusion, Profollica tackles hair loss from many different angles. If you’re looking for a natural hair loss treatment then Profollica is probably your best bet. Not to say that there aren’t other treatments that work. It’s just that the makers of Profollica have gone the extra mile to make sure that you have the best possible chance of being successful with their product.