Procerin General Info

Procerin has been around for quite some time. It was first produced by a company called Speedwinds Nutrition. Basically, it is a hair loss treatment that is a blend of natural herbs used to block DHT. It works based on the assumption that DHT is the main cause of hair loss.

Recently some people in the alternative health community have begun to question that assumption. Essentially, the argument is that hair loss is caused by a lack of blood flow and a buildup of sebum, as well as fungus that kills the hair follicle. The solution that they claim will work is massaging the scalp in a way that helps to break up the sebum and keep it from coming back for a long time. So your hair will continue to grow as if you were young man.

However, Procerin takes the old approach to dealing with hair loss. The truth is that the new approach doesn’t really have much scientific backing. It’s just the PRP treatments that people are starting to use now that are proving the point about blood flow and hair loss.

If you are searching for a DHT blocker that’s natural then Procerin is going to be the right treatment for you. It’s the only treatments left on the market, that’s all natural, and has ingredients that help the block DHT. Most of the other ones are either no longer natural or have incorporated anti-fungal and blood flow related ingredients or topical solutions. In other words, they aren’t specifically focused on DHT blocking.

In conclusion

I think that Procerin is still a good treatment. The PRP related treatments are still relatively new. There is a much research on it. So it might be best to focus on blocking DHT than to move on to these new blood flow and antifungal related treatments. Thank you for reading this article.