Profollica Best Practices

Profollica is actually one of the newer treatments to come out on the market. It actually comes with an oral supplement, a hair gel, and a shampoo treatment for an extensive hair loss solution. Each of them works synergistically. The shampoo actually gets rid of any fungus and debris that could be causing you to have hair loss. After the scalp is clean the gel gives the hair the nutrients it needs for hair growth. And of course the oral supplement helps give your body the nutritional supplementation it needs for hair growth.

The company claims the Profollica has a very high success rate. It is also a completely drug-free solution. There are no unnatural chemicals or ingredients that cause any serious side effects. However, the bad side of not using a FDA approved drug is that it isn’t as powerful. That means that you have to be diligent about your regimen. Even with FDA approved drugs you have to be diligent, but in the case of natural treatments they might not work at all if you don’t follow the regimen to a T.

With anything, you will find that there are mixed results. I think people don’t understand that Rogaine, for example, is actually one of those treatments that you have to keep on your head all day long. A lot of people keep it on for a couple hours and they can’t stand it they take it off. Then it doesn’t work.

With Profollica is much easier to use because all you have to do is use the shampoo, apply the gel, and then take the supplement. The gel isn’t as unpleasant as the minoxidil formula that you have in Rogaine.