Propecia Infographic

There have been some pretty scary stories about the side effects caused by Propecia in the news recently. Even though the negative side effects only effect less than 5% of the people who take Propecia it still makes taking the drug a very risky proposition. Who wants a 5% chance of having permanent depression or extreme attention deficit disorder?

Some of the people suffering from these side effects have lost their livelihood because they were no longer able to concentrate at work due to the drug.

The alternatives are unproven and usually don’t do much for preventing hair loss and even less for regrowing lost hair. Propecia on the other hand is a proven FDA approved product for the treatment of  hair loss. So a lot of people are willing to take the risks in order to get their hair back. One survey even suggested that many people would trade years off their life for a fuller head of hair so it’s not surprising that they are willing to take on these risks.

There are only two hair loss treatments that are proven by scientific trials to help treat hair loss. The rest are unproven and probably don’t work under most circumstances. Some might tout herbs as a safe and effective alternative, but if you are taking any prescription drugs they may be a lot more dangerous. You need a prescription to take Propecia so your doctor should catch any potential negative drug interactions before prescribing the drug.