Provillus ingredients

Most of the e-mails that I received about this particular product were regarding Provillus’ ingredients and whether or not they were effective. When the product first hit the market it used a number of natural ingredients to help fight hair loss. However, Ultra Herbal LLC decided to strip down the formula so that it only uses FDA approved ingredients. Minoxidil is FDA approved for fighting hair loss and promoting hair growth.

So this is no longer a natural treatment for dealing with hair loss. [Minoxidil] doesn’t have the same dangers of oral prescription drugs like Propecia. However, it’s not a natural herbal lotion. This is a drug that you rub into your head. The good thing about that is you get a drug that has has been tested and approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of hair loss.

Before that Provillus had a bunch of different herbal ingredients that many believed were effective for fighting hair loss. But, none of those ingredients where FDA approved for stopping hair loss. I personally believe they watered down the product a bit by taking out those natural herbs.

So you might want to find other natural ways to block DHT in addition to taking Provillus. I personally use Provillus with other DHT blockers like [Saw Palmetto] and [Beta-Sitosterol]. Nettle root was a part of the original formula, but some people have strange reactions to that particular supplement.

The male version has 5% minoxidil and the female version only has 2% minoxidil. Studies have shown that you need less [minoxidil] for women than you do for men.

The female version of Provillus has less minoxidil because studies have shown that women react differently to 5% minoxidil than men do. Many felt the 5% formula was too strong for women and that 2% was more effective. They actually say that the women’s version at just 2% is actually more effective than the men’s version at 5%. So don’t be discouraged by the smaller percentage number if you are woman. Provillus might be just what you’re looking for in a treatment.