Advecia: Does This Stuff Even Work?


I can easily understand how someone would be skeptical about natural products of any kind; there’s been such an enormous hype wave over the last few years about this issue that companies are desperately trying to replace the slightest of chemicals with a leaf of sorts (usually Aloe Vera; that one’s in everything!), just to get an edge in an increasingly naive market.

What’s Advecia All About

Regardless of proven results, if it’s natural, it must be the better option, right? Well, allow me to doubt that’s the case with every product, but with hair loss and hair growth treatments there’s been a rising trend in natural products and it seems to be one of the fields where this actually IS the better option.

Advecia Hair Loss Treatment

I base this claim on the fact that the hair loss treatment industry is a very unforgiving one that’s based on customer results – if something doesn’t work, word spreads fast between us hair losers (ouch, that sounds harsh) and a product won’t survive for long if it doesn’t pass the customer gauntlet brilliantly.

Advecia is one such hair loss treatment that can be included in the rising trend of natural products, but it’s also one of the treatments that has some history behind it and it’s pretty clear to me that the above-mentioned gauntlet has been passed with said brilliance.

The Basics Of Advecia

So, the basics, right off the seal: Advecia is a natural hair loss prevention product containing L-Lysine, Saw Palmetto and L-Arginine, to name just a few of the more famous ingredients that make up the Advecia tablets.

You might have heard about Saw Palmetto before, it’s deemed one of the wonderplants of the hair loss industry, having certain qualities that block DHT out of your system (in fact, it blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT if you want to get technical about it).

Sounded pretty standard, although I can’t remember a product that had any of these major ingredients bundled up in one place.

The Advecia Treatment

The Advecia tablets were easily the most comfortable hair loss treatment I had to go through. It might be just me, but it’s really a lot easier to just gulp down some tablets every now and then than having to rub your head with some icky lotion every night, then wash it off you for 20 minutes in the morning.

Don’t even get me started on those 3-pack treatments where you’re given a shampoo, supplements and lotion in one big, nauseating bundle.

As expected, the miracle results promised (by other reviewers admittedly, not by the Advecia guys) were nowhere near 1-2 months, as they estimated, but I was still satisfied with how it was progressing.

The Advecia Product

The guys at Progressive Health, distributors of Advecia, did a decent job in marketing this one: I liked the solid full money back guarantee that gave me the safety and trust necessary for trying out their product and the various offers they run, which are a more than welcome addition.

Discrete delivery is also something a lot of customers will want and I’m hoping they’re up to standards on that front as well, since I hadn’t actually ordered my product I can’t tell how they go about it though.

The End Of My Advecia Review

So would I recommend Advecia? Most likely yes, but I would like to warn you about the ineffectiveness of the treatment if used on its own. Remember, this is a product that combats hair loss, but once you stop using it you’re right back where you started.

You need to use it with a complementary hair growth treatment if you want solid long-term results. You don’t even need a secondary product, since a hair growth treatment can be done simply through nutrition and I’ve found a great free guide on how to eat right for hair growth. Admittedly, it’s for another product, but it should work great with Advecia as well.

Find Out More About Advecia And It’s Ingredients