Procerin: Is It Any Good?

Hair loss is a very popular topic in our image conscience society. Have you ever noticed that in movies when a bald character has a flash back he always has a full head of hair? They don’t change much else. They just give him a full head of hair and instantly he looks 20 years younger, healthier and more attractive.

Of course there are a ton of products out there that guarantee to help you get that hair back. However, the vast majority of them simply don’t work. So you should take your time and research products before buying them. Hopefully, after reading this review you will be able to make an educated decision on whether or not to try Procerin for yourself.

The Procerin Product

Natural enthusiasts have been promoting natural treatments for many different ailments for a long time now. There have been plenty of books created on natural treatments for hair loss. However, they only started selling these ready-made convenient formulas just recently.

The ingredients in Procerin are all available over the counter. You can get ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Gotu Kola and Nettle Root at your local convenience store or online.

The main selling point for Procerin is that it is cheaper and more convenient to get these supplements in a single package.

You save money by buying a single package with smaller quantities of these ingredients.

A combination product like Procerin is safer because single supplement products are often sold at higher dosage levels. If you combine all single supplement products together you will be taking all of these different supplements at much higher dosage levels.

You can also rest assured that your testosterone levels won’t be affected by natural treatments. We make sure that none of the products that we recommend on this site will affect your testosterone levels.

Is Procerin The Best Product Available?

Of course, there are plenty of other natural hair growth supplements out there on the market. The real question is “Is Procerin the best and safest product available?”.

I’d say no. I would say that Provillus has a better combination of supplements.

Provillus combines an FDA approved product called Minoxidil with natural herbs and supplements giving you the best possible chance of getting good results.

A better combination of supplements means faster results and a safer product.

However, Provillus is not a completely natural product since it uses an FDA approved drug (Minoxidil). If you want a completely natural product then Procerin might be a better option.

See Why We Recommend Provillus Instead Of Procerin