ProfollicaAmongst heavy-weight hair loss products like Propecia or Rogaine it’s seemingly impossible to break the market with something new or something with improved results.

Well, the guys behind Profollica have mounted quite a brave effort to establish a foothold in the market and they’re rather serious in gaining the industry’s attention. But can they live up to their promises? This is where the current review comes in.

So there we go, off to start our little experiment. And when I say little, I mean some several months of boring treatment that you’d expect from any reputable hair loss product nowadays. I usually go by this philosophy when trying to encourage myself to keep up with my treatment: my hair took 4 decades to fall off, so it’s not unreasonable to wait for several months before you see it growing back.

To get slightly more technical, here’s how Profollica intends to stop your hair loss problems: its main purpose is reducing the amount of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone, you know, that evil hormone that is at the root of all hair loss problems), thus trying to stop your hair follicles from falling. However, unlike many other products that attempt to prevent hair loss, Profollica also thinks ahead: it’s not enough if you stop the deforestation, if you don’t plant some trees as well.

Profollica Focuses On Stopping Hair Loss And Regrowing Hair

It was really a relief for me to see that Profollica attacks both ends of the problem, since many hair loss treatments focus on just that, stopping hair loss, not considering that even if we don’t lose any more hair, we’ll still be stuck with a big splurge of baldness on the top of our heads.

Obviously, there is a downside to this. While with other products you can easily get away with rubbing your head with some gel for 5 minutes in the evening, Profollica is a full package: shampoo, activator gel and the above-mentioned nutrients and minerals. Profollica does take considerably longer to use the treatment effectively and honestly, if you don’t have enough will and discipline to go through with it for several months, you might as well not even bother with it.

My Conclusions About Profollica

Profollica is not a miracle treatment, it won’t grow Fabio-like hair in a matter of weeks, but it’s well worth trying out as it is one of the better hair loss products out there. I for one was rather satisfied with the results, despite not being impressed by them (then again, I wasn’t expecting a miracle either, so I’ll still give the treatment a few more months).

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