PropeciaI’m not one of those freaks that only uses hyped up natural products and organic foods. However, I don’t like taking medications if they don’t work or there is a better alternative out there. I also have health conditions that make taking new drugs and treatments somewhat complicated. I must avoid using certain hair loss products because of this problem. For the most part, I try staying away from drugs that mess with blood pressure, so this instantly cut off a few options right off the bat. Both Propecia And Provillus are two effective products that work on a hormonal level and do so naturally, without altering any other variables in the body.

The Propecia Treatment

There wasn’t much reason for disappointment with the Propecia treatment on my part, but if you believe those “hair growth in one month” hype ads you’ll be utterly disappointed. Much like any other hair loss treatment I’ve tried or I’ve seen others try, there’s no miracle involved with Propecia and the time-frame for any results whatsoever is definitely over a 6-months. Sure, some may respond better to the treatment or use it more effectively, but there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell you’ll see noticeable results in that short a timeframe.

Before I recommend Propecia as a solid hair loss treatment, I’d like to emphasize that it’s just that, a hair LOSS treatment. It helps combat hair loss, but if you’re already showing signs of baldness, just stopping the loss of more hair won’t do you a world of good. I doubt having a small skin island on the top of your head is any different than having a large one – they’re both there and quite noticeable.

Propecia Vs Provillus

So in order to fully solve your problem, you’ll probably want to use a complementary product that helps with hair GROWTH as well. This is, I think Provillus’ big advantage over Propecia: Provillus focuses on hair growth as well as stopping hair loss. You don’t need to combine Provillus with any other hair loss product in order for it to work.

So is Provillus a superior product to Propecia? Well, in my experience, it is superior to Propecia, because hair loss wasn’t my only problem, I also needed something that would help me get back the hair I had lost. I’m sure there may be other products out there that would work quite well, but for me Provillus is the best option.

See Why We Recommend Provillus Instead Of Propecia