Rogaine Review

Rogaine Review: Is It Still The Best?

Rogaine has been around for ages and since its commercial break out in the 80s, the company producing this hair loss prevention treatment have promoted it like crazy. Strangely enough (or not, considering the amount of money they spent on advertising) most of the “unbiased” reviews on the Internet speak highly of Rogaine as one of the best products in the hair loss market. But is it really?

There are quite a few glowing reviews of Rogaine on the internet that really don’t tell you the full story. No product is perfect. How can anyone trust a review that doesn’t give you any negatives?

I want to make sure this review isn’t like that. I want you to get all the information on Rogaine you need to make an educated decision. You are going to hear about both the good and bad aspects of any product that I mention here on this site.

Does Rogaine Really Work That Fast?

In all fairness, I did experience some fast results with Rogaine, but I found it very weird that my hair looked similar to the fuzz on a peach in strength. It also failed to grow at the same pace as the rest of the hair and in different lengths all over the head. Did it work? Yes. Was I satisfied with the results? No. In fact, my hair looked funnier and weirder than the bald spot I had earlier.

In comparison, Provillus might not be as fast, as it took up to 3 months to see the first results. However, the results I recevied with the help of Provillus seemed natural and strong. I believe that Provillus has a good balance between hair growth and hair loss prevention, which was crucial in my case. I didn’t just want some new fuzzy, weak hair, I wanted something that I could “wear” on a long term basis and unfortunately, Rogaine simply couldn’t deliver that. Provillus on the other hand came really close.

Rogaine Review Conclusion

Now, I’m not dismissing Rogaine as a completely useless hair treatment, in fact it seems that many people found it to work quite well. For me however, Provillus simply proved to be the better product on many levels.

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