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scalp med

Scalp Med: Does It Even Work?

Ah, hair loss, one of mankind’s biggest and most annoying plagues since times immemorial. Remember how our great-great-great-great grandfathers used to look in the mirror ashamed of what they would see, covering their bald spots with those fancy curled-up wigs? Actually no, you won’t, because it’s not true; hair loss, while being a problem for men throughout time has only really become an issue in modern times – thus the increased efforts in curing it.

scalp med is one of the products that leads on the good battle against shiny head tops. I’m glad that I was able to get a hold of this product and try it out for myself. Hopefully, after reading this review you will be able to make an educated decision on whether or not to try Scalp Med for yourself.

Does Scalp Med Really Work?

So there I was, starting my treatment some 6 months back, trying to get it into my daily routine to apply the scalp med lotion onto my head. I actually thought it would be an easy thing to follow, but it turned out to be a bit more annoying than remembering to brush your teeth.

Skipping a day or two of scalp med treatment would feel like I’ve lost the momentum and I was going back to square one, although that was probably not the case. It was somewhat stressful to follow up on the scalp med treatment at first, given that I’m not the most motivated person in town, but once I got a bit of discipline under it there weren’t any problems at all for the next few months.

My change in attitude towards the treatment was no doubt directly related to the results I would notice. Honestly, it’s not fun rubbing your head for 10 minutes every night if it feels like you’re doing it in vain. And it did feel so for the first few months as there were almost no noticeable results whatsoever.

Conclusions About Scalp Med

I might be bashing scalp med a bit too harshly, after all, from my experience, the time frame in which results came by is equal to any other hair loss/growth product on the market. It’s just that, when you get plastered with phrases like “grow you hair back instantly”, or “30 days to eradicate hair loss” you get the feeling you might be using some sort of wonder drug, when in fact no visible results will ever come unless you dedicate at least 6-months to the treatment.

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