Provillus & Ultra Herbal LLC

Ultra herbal LLC is the company that made provillus. It also manufactures several different products in the health industry. This company was the result of a partnership between a successful direct marketer and a herbal supplement company.

Before the merger the original health supplement manufacturer focused on providing individual herbal supplements. Once it became Ultra Herbal LLC the company decided to focus on mixing herbs together to fight specific health problems.

They saw that there was a market for natural alternatives to prescription drugs and they decided to bring Provillus to the market. After careful consideration they decided on which herbal supplements are best and how to market these products in the most effective manner.

One good thing I will say about this company is that there pretty reliable. You definitely get what you pay for. You just have to know what you’re buying beforehand. You can buy one of their products expecting something to just happen magically.

Take provillus for example, if you’re interested in dealing with hair loss with minoxidil then this is a pretty good deal. However, if you haven’t done any research on your own or you don’t know anything about the make up of the product then you might be disappointed.